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With the newest poultry chicken collagen proteins, Veos is the first to offer you soluble high functional chicken proteins, which is easy to use in brines. These allergen-free proteins improve the texture and yield in your injected or cuttered applications such as fresh chicken fillets, nuggets, sausages, chicken ham, … .


Vepro® 全新推出的禽类胶原蛋白,是全球第一家可在注射类产 品中使用的高溶解度鸡源蛋白。Vepro® 拥有100% 纯净禽类 DNA。可应用于各种鸡肉产品并拥有清洁标签的优势。鸡胶原蛋白可在注射或斩拌类产品中提升质量和产量。应用案例包含新 鲜鸡肉、鸡块、香肠、鸡肉火腿等…