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This environmental policy statement is part of the policy of VEOS N.V. and was drawn up for the location in the Akkerstraat in Zwevezele.

VEOS N.V. is aware of its responsibility for the environment and will therefore carry out its activities in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

To this end, VEOS undertakes to minimize the impact of its business-related activities on the environment and surroundings by taking the following actions:

– Maintaining and optimizing the environmental management system ISO 14001

– Compliance with the legal environmental regulations applicable to our activities

– Continuous improvement of our environmental performance, by establishing and monitoring measurable environmental objectives (KPIs)

– Make a commitment to protect the environment, including prevention of environmental pollution, sustainable use of resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems

– Meeting compliance obligations

– Communication with stakeholders

– Organization of the necessary training for all employees to increase environmental awareness and protection of the environment

– Minimize the impact of VEOS on the different environmental aspects

This policy statement will be updated whenever circumstances or conditions within the company change

Sam Deschoemacker