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Rising meat prices: What can we do to help?

Europe’s pig slaughtering numbers have dropped significantly because of high increases in the costing structure of the farmers and several diseases in Europe like PRRS in Spain & ASF in Germany. All this has a serious impact for meat processing companies … We believe that using functional pork proteins could offer a solution.

Introducing two new types of chicken collagen.

We’ve added 2 types of chicken-based functional proteins to our range. They increase protein content, enhance flavor, and make chicken juicier. Vepro Gel 120 CC works in many processed meat applications while Vepro Gel 125 CC I is great in brines.

VEOS Group sustainability report 2022

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Sustainability report 2022

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At Veos we are continuously developing new products & applications to meet customers requirements as well as market trends. This is done at the Veos lab, on site with customers, as well as with third parties like universities & consultants. Take a closer look at some of our research!





Past events 2023

Expo Carnes

Expo Carnes y Lácteos 2023

Monterrey – Mexico

21-23 February | Booth 1414

ViV Asia

VIV Asia

Bangkok – Thailand

8-10 March | Hall 3, Booth 4471



Rennes – France

14-16 March | Hall 4, Booth 4-C68

Past events 2022

Vepro IFFA event

IFFA Expo 2022

May 14-19, Frankfurt

IFFA covers the entire market for processing, packaging and selling of meat and alternative proteins. Thus offering the global food industry a platform for innovation and networking.

Here are some captured moments of the event!

Technical article


Improve the slicing and elasticity of your emulsified products

Nowadays, we see an increase in the sale of pre-sliced and vacuum packed products. Customers want perfect thinly sliced quality meat and don’t settle for less. Go for thinly sliced quality meat with the Vepro Gel 100 PC! Read our full article and discover how the Vepro Gel 100 PC can help you!

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