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While keeping the consumers’ nutrition awareness in mind, we provide functional animal proteins for the meat processing industry which enhances the quality of meat, giving them a solid structure and a richer color. The use of our high-functional animal proteins forms the missing link in our customers’ production process and improves their end products.


Vepro produces plasma, globin, colourant, haemoglobin, aroma and collagen which all have a specific functional property: they provide meat binder solutions, colourants for meat, meat gelatin, and emulsifies meat products.

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More than ever consumers are choosing pure meat products (clean labeling). Our animal proteins are free of allergens making them a natural alternative to the common chemical additives.


By applying an innovative and technological process we can recycle vital proteins from the food chain. Thanks to our animal proteins, we can reduce the carbon footprint of other companies. Furthermore we contribute to the environment by investing in heat exchange, clean water, vacuum evaporation, reverse osmose, water threatment and green energy.



Vepro produces according to strict standards which are fit for human consumption. Each step in our production process is carefully monitored and controlled according to an approved HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP certificate to ensure an impeccable top quality.



To adhere to all industry standards we track all of our products. We can instantly retrieve when and where they have been manufactured and where we collected our raw materials.



Our lab examines the raw materials and (semi)-finished products at every stage of the production process with bacteriological, chemical, functional and nutritional tests.



In order to assure the quality of our products we not only invest in controlling our entire product line constantly, we also do an ante and post mortem control of the blood collection.


The Veos group operates according to three strong values:

As part of the Veos group, founded in 1974, Vepro finds itself in a steady growing environment due to continuous innovation. Veos established a worldwide sales distribution network and expanded its production in several countries. Today the Veos group has production plants in Belgium (Veos), in France (Vapran) and in Brazil (Hemoprot).


With entrepreneurship as our characteristic, our generated resources are used to further invest.


Respect for our employees, our stakeholders, our clients, our parents and of course for the environment.


We keep both feet on the ground and are always looking for new ways to improve ourselves.

It is Veos’ ambition to do business with integrity. What is important to us is not only the results, but also the way in which we obtain them. The VEOS Group Code of Ethics is based on fundamental values, namely the Veos company values • Respect for people and the environment • Modesty • Entrepreneurial spirit …. Read more

This environmental policy statement is part of the policy of VEOS. VEOS is aware of its responsibility for the environment and will therefore carry out its activities in the most environmentally friendly way possible…. Read more

As a part of our ethical standards VEOS Group has whistleblower procedure. This procedure can be done anonymous by clicking on this button, the email will be directly send to a person responsible in the board of directors.