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What is plasma for meat processing industry?

Plasma proteins are the perfect heat setting proteins to be used in cooked meat products. Plasma does not have any functionality when it is unheated, but the moment when it is heated, plasma proteins set and firm into a stable mass. This is a non reversible process, meaning that after cooking and cooling down, the plasma keeps its firmness. Therefore, plasma is the ideal product to use in cooked hams, sausages and canned meat products where water binding and firmness of texture are important.

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What are the advantages of using plasma for meat processing industry?

Plasma proteins are highly functional. They have excellent solubility, low viscosity and the ability to form strong, elastic irreversible gels that increase gel strength as the temperature increases. This property makes it an ideal protein for inclusion in products subjected to temperatures above 80°C such as sterilized or canned products. Plasma proteins can also enhance texture in processed meat.

How is plasma for meat processing industry produced?

Plasma constitutes about two-thirds of the weight of blood. It is a colloidal suspension composed of 90% water and 7% protein. Pork plasma is produced from the blood of healthy pigs. The red cells are separated from the plasma. The liquid plasma is then filtered, spray dried and packaged. The resulting material is off-white in color, containing approximately 72% protein, less than 4% fat and has an excellent amino acid profile.


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