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Our high functional Vepro proteins are used as an ingredient in several meat applications.  Improved product texture, improved juiciness and reducing purge are some of the direct benefits of adding our allergen-free proteins. Hereunder you will find an overview of applications where using our Vepro proteins will enhance the quality of your meat product.

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Cooked sausage

In a large variety of cooked sausages like frankfurters, mortadella, bologna,… the functional Vepro proteins can be used to improve the quality of these meat products. Just add the animal proteins directly on the meat in the beginning of your cutter process. By consequence no pre-emulsions or pre-gels are needed!


Cooked hams/loins

The taste, colour and texture are very important for the production of hams. The different Vepro proteins are often used for the production of cooked hams because of their functionality as well as their 100% solubility. Besides they don’t increase the viscosity of your brine.

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Reconstructed hams

For the production of reconstructed hams the taste, colour & texture are very important. For reconstructed hams no injection is required as the ground meat and brine are added straight into the tumbler.

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Fermented sausage

Salami is a cured sausage, fermented and air-dried meat, originating from one or a variety of animals. Salami is cured in warm, humid conditions in order to encourage growth of the bacteria involved in the fermentation process. Sugar is added as a food source for the bacteria during the curing process. The curing process is determined by the climate of the curing environment and the size and style of casing. After fermentation, the sausage has to be dried.

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Blood sausage

Blood sausage is a type of sausage made with blood as an important ingredient. It has an excellent nutritional value and a highly digestible organic iron content. Depending on caliber and country it is called blackpudding, Morcilla, Dingua, soondae, Zungenwurst,…

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Canned meat products

Unlike pasteurized cooked meat products where the survival of heat resistant microorganisms is accepted, the aim of sterilization of meat products is the destruction of all contaminating bacteria including their spores. In practice, the meat products (sausages, hams, corned beef, meat balls,…) filled in sealed cans are exposed to temperatures till 122°C. The Vepro proteins survive this very high temperature and remain functional!

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Liver sausage/Pâté

The pâté is an emulsified or ground meat product based on liver. This delicious meat product can be spreadable (mostly cooked in a casing) or sliceable (often baked).


Ground meat

Vepro proteins can be used in ground meat products such as hamburgers, patties,…

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