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Goodbye fresh chicken fat, hello healthier chicken sausage!

Whether you eat them hot or cold, between a sandwich or not, chicken sausages are delicious! Vepro Gel 120 CC, stabelizes the fat, meat and water matrix to make your sausage juicy, tasty and healthy!

Keeping your chicken sausages moist & juicy can be challenging. Producers often use an emulsion of animal fat in the production of poultry products. Unfortunately chicken fat can be hard to find and is not always available. On top of that it has a very low melting point, which implicates a lot of other challenges.

Luckily, Vepro has the missing link you’ve been searching for!
Together with one of our customers we found a reliable solution. By first making an emulsion based on water, vegetable oil and Vepro Gel 120 CC (high functional chicken collagen protein), we eliminated all prior challenges. Result: a firmer, perfectly cooked and super juicy chicken sausage! On top of that, the new end product was healthier than the original! Isn’t that great?

Download our Chicken Fat Imitation Recipe