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Our clients often come to us with a specific need to their problem. With Vepro, we offer each of our clients a personal solution, adapted to their needs. Take a look at our cases to see how we helped our clients in the past!


Chicken sausage

Keeping your chicken sausages moist & juicy can be challenging. Vepro Gel 120 CC, stabelizes the fat, meat and water matrix to make your sausage juicy, tasty and healthy!
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chicken nugget

Chicken Nugget

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Especially if they are hot, crunchy and juicy. Using Vepro Gel 120 CC improves the adherence of the batter, the texture and the juiciness!
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Fresh Chicken Fillet

Did you know that adding Vepro Gel 125 CCi increases the yield of a chicken fillet? It makes the fillet juicier, reduces dripping loss and provides a better mouthfeel!
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VEPRO® 75 PSC, Frankfurter phosphate replacer,cases

Frankfurter without phosphate

The meat industry has been put to a challenge since the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)* has stated that it will reduce the maximum levels of phosphates in meat preparations.
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Dried & fermented sausages, VEPRO® GEL 100 PC, fermented sausage, cases

Dried & fermented sausages

Our collagen proteins are widely used in all salami types. Adding our Vepro Gel 100 PC is lowering the Aw value, which means that we can reduce the drying time. Besides it’s also increasing the yield.
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cases,injected,hams,pork proteins

Cooked injected hams with pork proteins

Our Vepro Gel 95 PCPi was originally developed for injection hams and provides excellent results. Since we are always looking for new and beneficial solutions for our customers however, we are glad to present some new alternative applications.
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meat balls,cases

Meat balls

An European multinational is making canned tomato soup with ground meat balls inside. The product was very tasteful but there was an issue problem. When opening the cans, there was a visual white fat layer on top of the soup. This didn’t look very attractive. Moreover the meat balls were too soft, with no bite.
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smoked bacon,cases

Smoked bacon

Our new agent in New Zealand has tested a combination of our plasma and injectable collagen Vepro Gel 95 PCPi for his smoked bacon.
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