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Juiciers, tastier and firmer Chicken Nuggets!

Who does not love chicken nuggets? Especially if they are fresh, juicy and do not fall apart. Using Vepro Gel 120 CC in your chicken nuggets, improves the adherence of the batter, the texture of the meat and the juiciness of the end product. Find out how to make the perfect chicken nuggets by downloading our recipe.

Chicken nuggets are made from minced chicken meat that is breaded or battered and then deep-fried or baked. The production of these small nuggets can be challenging. The batter around the nugget can come off, they can become dry during cooking or they can fall apart all together.

Together with our Taiwanese partner we found a solution!
Vepro Gel 120 CC is the missing link you’ve been searching for. By adding our chicken protein:

  • the nuggets are much firmer which makes it easier to form them.
  • the adherence of the better to the chicken is improved.
  • the chicken nuggets are juicier and tastier than ever before.

Next up, tests with chicken schnitzel. Exciting right?

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Download our Chicken Nugget recipe