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Dry chicken fillets are history!

Did you know that adding Vepro Gel 125 CCi increases the yield of a chicken fillet? It makes the fillet juicier, reduces dripping loss and provides a better mouthfeel! Find out how to make these chicken fillets by downloading our recipe!

Our injectable Vepro Gel 125 CCi (Chicken Collagen, Injectable) is easy to disperse in a brine. Already after tumbling, more water will be bound. That means adding Vepro Gel 125 CCi will not only lead to more productivity, it also can improve the slicing yields & reduce purge in packaging. Result: a more attractive, tastier and juicier end product.

Once grilled at home – thanks to its great waterbinding capacity – you can enjoy a more juicy chicken fillet with a firmer bite. Bon appétit!

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Download our Chicken Fillet recipe