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We have seen a first quarter like we have never seen in history!

There are no exact words to describe what is happening. Fact is that the pig slaughtering numbers in Europe were already dropping in 2022 ( -5.8 % source Eurostat ) but were dropping even more sharply in the first 3 months of 2023 ( >10 % ), and predictions for the next months are quite similar.

Besides high increases in the costing structure of the farmers, no good perspective for them because of an uncertain legal framework ( such as on the nitrogen file ), poor government policies, the ongoing bad prices for meat, and very slow export to third countries.

Also several diseases in Europe like PRRS in Spain & ASF in Germany give more pressure to the reduction of availability of animals. All this has a serious impact for meat processing companies …

Our colleagues from R&D worked a lot to decrease the production cost by replacing part of the meat by combination of our different allergen-free proteins in several applications without any compromise on texture, bite and eating quality.

Would you like to learn how simple it is to replace meat in your recipes? Feel free to contact us.