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Introducing two new types of chicken collagen!

Since last year we enlarged our product range with 2 types of chicken-based functional proteins with good emulsifying properties and which easily can bind till 20 parts of water. Besides this, they also increase the total protein content and enhance the flavour as your chicken product will be juicier.

The Vepro Gel 120 CC is suitable for use in a broad range of processed meat applications such as marinated, cooked or emulsified chicken products. The Vepro Gel 125 CC I is easy to apply in brines.

Our proteins enable users to boost quality & productivity and to lower cost price. Besides they are an excellent alternative to plant based, dairy or animal proteins in poultry-based meat products. Finally they are free from allergens and can be sold to halal markets.

Feel free to contact us if you want more info or want a sample.