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1. improving Nutri-Score

2. Thin and
even slices

3. Natural
meat colour

4. Improved texture

5. Cost saving

1. Improving Nutri-Score

The Nutri-Score is a nutritional rating system and is displayed on food product packaging. Nutri-Score for a particular food item is given in one of five classification letters. The calculation of the score involves seven different parameters of nutrient information per 100g of food which is usually available on food packaging. The first objective of Nutri-Score is to make consumers more aware of the product’s ‘healthiness’. As a result, studies have proven that when the labelling is present the consumer expresses a higher purchase intention over a less healthy product. 

With Vepro proteins we can increase the Nutriscore, upgrading your meat product from “C” to a more attractive “B” even without increasing the production cost.

2. Thin and even slices

The plasma and collagen are both high functional pork protein with exceptional gelling and water binding properties that increases elasticity and improves cohesion. It delivers the ideal consistency for creating thin and even slices.

3. Natural meat colour

The I Red (stabilized haemoglobin) enhances the meat colour and gives the final product a more natural colour. It also has a highly noticeable effect on your smoked or cooked products. It will shorten smoking time due to fast colour development, make your production economy better and enhance the look of your products.

4. Improved texture

The unique properties of plasma give it a broad range of applications. The forming of a heat stable and irreversible gel after heating makes it excellent to give structure to your meat. Also for cutter meat products, it adds to the “meat bite” in frankfurter or hotdogs.

5. Cost saving

Adding Vepro proteins as a substitute for lean meat provides several functional properties that add positively to the eating experience and appearance of the final meat product. Meat replacement with meat-based proteins is not just a question of finding an acceptable filler, it is all about adding an ingredient that will provide similar characteristics to lean meat.

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