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Fully cooked roast beef

In injected products such as Roast Beef, our injectable beef collagen gives a strong water binding, improving brine retention in the product. This will result in less dripping loss, at the same time considerably improving the quality. The Vepro Gel 105 BCP I delivers an important cost reduction as the protein is highly functional, both unheated and when heated.

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> plasma > haemoglobin
> aroma > collagen
> globin > colourant

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Vepro Expert Yungcheng Chang

YungCheng Chang
Area Sales Manager Asia

Vepro Expert Peter Vanhulle

Peter Vanhulle
Area Sales Manager Benelux, Portugal, Balkan, Czech Republic, France

Vepro Expert Hector Quezada

Hector Quezada
Area Sales Manager Latin America

Vepro Expert Nick Dedecker

Nick Dedecker
Area Sales Manager rest of the world

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