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Vepro Gel 100 PC

Mejora la elasticidad y la rebanabilidad de sus productos emulsionados

Nowadays, and especially during the corona pandemic, we see an increase in the sales of pre-sliced and vacuum packed products. This brings a lot of new challenges for meat producers. Most companies use automatic slicers for these kinds of meat products, like mortadella. However the challenge here is to have thinly sliced meat products that do not break. And that’s not easy! Automatic slicers operate at high speed, which makes it difficult to slice thinly. A lot of components are involved. The texture of your meat product should be firm and elastic. This problem can be solved by freezing the surface of your product for 3 to 5 hours. But that’s not the right way to go if you want to offer nice and perfect products. On top of that freezing means extra costs and it can increase the syneresis and deterioration of the appearance of your product while being vacuum packed.

Nosotros le ofrecemos una solución adecuada, Vepro Gel 100 PC
The Vepro Gel 100 PC, with high functional pork collagen, improves the quality and meat protein content in your meat products. Slicing super thin portions with automatic slicers will become super easy! You can combine this with the Vepro 75 PSC plasma de cerdo y/o Vepro 95 HV to improve or eliminate fat separation in the slicing process, which can normally been seen on the edge. Result: clean, firm and fresh slices that will appeal your customers.

A la izquierda mortadela con adición de proteínas Vepro, colágeno de cerdo de alta funcionalidad Vepro Gel 100 PC y plasma de cerdo Vepro 75 resultando en un embutido más firme y elástico con rebanadas limpias y enteras