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Frankfurter without phosphate

The meat industry has been put to a challenge since the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stated that it will reduce the maximum levels of phosphates in meat preparations. In search of a replacement of phosphates, PhD Bart Heyman (Veos group), conducted research to replace phosphates by Vepro® functional meat proteins.

Phosphates (P2O5) are a commonly used additive in a variety of meat preparations. The main goal is to improve the waterholding and emulsifying capacity of the meat. This results in alteration of the proteins which influence the structure and texture of meat. However more and more research is done to replace phosphates as they have negative health impact.

At our meat pilot plant we made several frankfurters sausages with plasma proteins and phosphates to confirm if plasma proteins can be replaced by P2O5. The frankfurters with plasma were compared to their respective controls by determining the composition, water holding capacity, cooking losses, texture, microstructure, sensorial characteristics and overall acceptance.

The conclusion was that no significant differences were found in proximate analysis, WHC and cooking losses. The inclusion of 0,8 % Vepro 75 PSC certainly can help you to produce a phosphate free cooked sausage.

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