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Precooked sausage

Two years ago a leading South-African manufacturer of meat products called us. They produce 500 tons of fresh sausages a month. For reasons of food security and shelf life they had decided to precook all their fresh sausage production. The aim was to cook the product to obtain an internal temperature of 55 ° C. During the cooking process however, a part of the fat in the product melted and migrated to the outside of the product.

We recommended the application of our product Vepro 95 HV. This globin is an animal protein with a high emulsification capacity. By adding 0.6% of Vepro 95 HV during the blender process, the protein perfectly hydrates and allows a full emulsification.

The results were excellent. During the precook process the release of fat drip from the sausages was avoided. As a result no external oily surface was created and the sausages are perfectly juicy. They taste excellent in grill cooking!

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